Aug 29, 2009

First boo boo

If you will indulge me for a moment while I post about Small fry's first major boo boo so Grammy in Canada can see. I have to say that I am impressed we made it to 16 months before she had a major fall or bruise. I don't keep her in a padded house though I am a cautious parent. I know all the seasoned parents out there always say, "just let your kid run, let her eat dirt, she has to get hurt sometime, don't be too overprotective." But I must say, you all were first time parents once too and I am sure you were extra protective with your first child too so don't give me a hard time.
Anyway small fry was running after one of her favorite baseball players, Sarah, on daddy's baseball team and lost her footing on the pavement and did a face plant. This nice red mark is the result of that, plus a scraped knee. It is a nice bump and bruise today but luckily little one was not scarred for long. Nothing that a snuggle and a Popsicle couldn't fix.

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  1. I remember my daughter's first boo boos, my second daughter's had worse luck then my first, but she is more active too :) It is okay to be cautious!!

  2. Oh Allie I'm sorry that you got your first Boo Boo! Zach seems to be getting them now too. You will both have little shiners on your heads.

    It sure seems like he's falling down a lot more lately. Maybe it's because he is trying to move places faster.


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