Aug 2, 2009

Diaper Bag questions

Since posting about this diaper bag set that I made for a friend a few months ago I have had a many questions about posting a tutorial for how to make the diaper bag. I wanted to address those now. I didn't come up with the pattern myself. It is called the Everything Bag and the pattern is by Amy Butler. I got it from her book Little Stitches. So I can't post a tutorial for it because it is not mine. Her pattern is, well I wouldn't call it easy, but it is not hard. If you are an experienced sewer and interested at all in sewing baby stuff then I highly recommend the book. It comes with all the patterns included.
As for the baby sling, if you are interested in making one of those check out this website. This is where I got the instructions for the one I made. The little box pouch which is to hold binkies and other small items I made from this tutorial.  I just made mine smaller.
For the change pad clutch (the long skinny one) you can read my tutorial here.  This folded change pad I got from a book called Heart to Art, but I have since created my own folding change pad and you can see that tutorial here.
Sorry this wasn't more help but I don't want to claim something that isn't mine. I have made a couple of bags as requests for people. If you are interested in that send me an e-mail.
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