Aug 14, 2009

Early morning harvest

We went out this morning to pick our cherry tomatoes and came in with all of this. What a wonderful feeling to know that we grew it all ourselves. I am especially grateful for the small pile of new potatoes. People around our town said potatoes wouldn't grow here and though this is our entire crop, I am happy to say to all the disbelievers "told you so."

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  1. You did it! Way to go! Clearly you have inherited your Mom's green thumb. Fresh "new" potatoes are one of my favorite things!
    Can you grow raspberries there?
    C. O. in ottawa

  2. I really am so jealous!! I have tomatoes, tons of them, but all still green. Growing season here is pretty cruddy if you ask me :)

  3. Nice harvest. One of my favorite meals is a meal where everything is from your garden. Isn't is such a great feeling.


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