Aug 16, 2009

Inspiration in the form of an apple

Not just any apple, the one and only BIG APPLE. That is right folks, small fry and I are going to disappear off the blogging scene for a week while we head to New York City to visit my brother and get inspired in the Big Apple. Here's small fry showing off a cute new dress that was given to us. She looks totally ready to head to the fashionable New York.

And a quick To Do list for the few days we are going to be home:
Monday: Clean house, wash rugs, make a batch of bucket pickles, make a small batch of salsa, decorate Greg's school classroom, start packing (I know quiet the list, what am I thinking...I don't have much time that is what I am thinking)
Tuesday:Finish packing, primary meeting, leave for SLC for the night before flying out on Wed.
See you when we get back!!!!
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1 comment:

  1. Forgot to ask-are you going to get tickets to Martha?
    Hope you have a fabulous time and get to visit one of those fancy cupcake bakeries :)
    C.O. in Ottawa


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