Aug 8, 2009

Sewing with pins

Why is it that I seem to sew better when I have 4 or 5 pins in my mouth? I have the pin cushion right beside me and yet they always end up in my mouth. I am sure I am not the only sewer who finds her lips double nicely as a pin holder. I know my mom did it. Anyone else out there? When I was in college in one of my Home Ec teaching classes they stressed that as a teacher you should never let your students see you with pins in your mouth. You might teach them a bad habit. Well when I taught sewing classes my pins, my students pins, pencils, you name it; my mouth made a great holding device. As for bad habits, with drinking, smoking, cussing, gossiping and lying well established as bad habits, I am pretty sure their parents weren't saying, "How dare that Miss. K teach you to sew with a pin in your mouth." (Gotta love those ranch kids from Eastern Montana.)
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