Sep 23, 2009

Fall is in the air

We are experiencing fall temps the last few days and I LOVE IT!!!!! In fact, not that any of you have wondered, cared or will find this news life changing, but I actually put on long pants today for the first time since July when we were in Canada. I have worn shorts or capris (the same 3 prego pairs) since then but today I dawned my pregnant jeans for the first time (of course I was sweating and about ready to pass out from overheating at 11am after my walk but that is beside the point). Dear Fall, I love you.
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  1. I feel the same way -- love fall! Your new banner looks awesome, BTW!

  2. I live in Tampa, FL and I'm 34 weeks prego as of yesterday... I have really fair skin... which means I have really white legs... so I wear jeans all of the time. Having fair skin and living in FL is not fair!!! I just found your blog yesterday! I can't wait until you post your baby items for sale!


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