Oct 16, 2009

Dear maternity jeans

I just want you to know that I hate you (at least the 2 pairs I currently own). You are either too small or too big, you either sit too low or too high. You don't stay on my hips like normal jeans and I am constantly pulling you up and tucking everything back in. My friend told me she wore her normal jeans her entire pregnancy. Wish I was that lucky. You are too expensive to upgrade at this stage in the pregnancy but it is too cool most days not to wear you. With my last pregnancy I loved my maternity jeans and wore them until the inner seams literally burst (well after the baby came I might add) but you my friends; I can not wait to fold you up and put you away for a long time. Thank you for adding to the uncomfortableness we like to call being pregnant. Of all the things to forget about after pregnancy is over, you will be the first I assure you. Actually maybe I should remember you so I can replace you the next time. Don't feel offended if you find yourself at the thrift store in a month.
Yours truly,
The pregnant lady
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  1. I too was having a hard time finding maternity jeans that fit me the way I liked. I found some at a consignment store and LOVE them. They are from Motherhood Maternity with a full panel. Regularly run $40 bucks and I got them for $8 bucks a piece. But I just looked at your countdown and your right...its not worth buying them right now. You only have a few weeks to go! WOO HOO!!

  2. I had issues with nylons, I would put them on and then move just right and down they would roll. It could ruin my whole day right then and there...
    Oh those were the days..... :}
    Dale Ann

  3. AMEN!!!! I don't like maternity jeans either.

  4. Finding a good pair of m-pants is definitely a necessity!! I am happy to report that I finally went with the over-the-belly panel kind during my 3rd pregnancy (had the baby last saturday), and they were the most comfortable and practical m-jeans I've ever had!

    Hang in there, only a few weeks left!!

  5. I am with you on this one. I hated my maternity jeans. I think I found one pair that I actually liked and the rest I could do with out, but not really.

  6. I also hated maternity jeans. the ony ones that are comfortable and actually stretch are the ugly ones with the panels. And then they are usually too big. When I was pregnant if I wasn't in my work pants I was in sweats!

  7. A friend sent your "letter" to me to read and I just had to comment, I loved it!! I am pregnant now with my 4th baby,I have stooped to wearing my normal jeans using a hair band to keep them done up, then just wear longer shirts so no one can see that my "fly" is open. I've gone looking for M.Jeans as most my other M. clothes are old & worn or outdated; but I feel it's a waste of money since this is our last baby, and besides they don't ever fit right and I just feel even more ugly in them...so thank you for your "Letter to your jeans" post because all I can say is "Amen sister!"


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