Nov 18, 2009

Future Bakerella

I asked Small Fry to get out a muffin pan for me so I could get us some muffins in the oven the other morning. That she did. And she did this as well. Who said the pans were only for cooking. I think she was dreaming up all kinds of new recipes while sitting in her cake pan....
with her baby sisters dirty pajamas on her head.
Bakerella probaby started this way too don't you think?
Dirty pajamas are like a chef's hat right?
Or an apron. This little girl was born to cook.
And speaking of Bakerella I made my first attempt at making cake pops tonight. The basketball team that my husband coaches has their first game this weekend and I had grand plans to give them all 2 cake pops decorated like basketballs with their number on them. YA RIGHT!!!! I think my cake/icing mixture was too moist, my edible ink pen was too dry, my kitchen was too warm, my cake balls were not ball like at all, and the sticks didn't stay in very well. So I got half covered in candy coating, and none decorated and gave up. They taste delicious-just what to do with 15 orange, semi ball like cake pops. And what to do with the others with sticks in them that I managed to squeeze back into our over crowded freezer. I thought it was going to be so easy. Guess I will whip up sugar cookies now or something. GARBAGE!!
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  1. No pictures, huh? Sounds like my brownie mishap tonight. Dirtied like 3 pans and 3 bowls because I messed the mix the first--I was doubling the recipe to make a large pan...and anyways my mind must have been on other things because I got totally side track. Now they are done and yummy and ready to take to my daugthers class tomorrow for her birthday!! Love baking issues. It was a good idea in theory :)

  2. I had the same problem with cake pops. I took them to a party and I thought I was all smart sticking the sticks into a colander to keep them safe for travel. Well, first they started to sweat. Then slowly slide down the sticks. They tasted good, but not easy!


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