Nov 12, 2009

La La La La Life goes on

Yep, I have discovered that life just keeps going even after the addition of second tiny, sweet little angel. Meals still have to be made, laundry done, small fry's diapers changed, beds made, dishes, etc etc. I never expected that it would halt for me and I am glad it hasn't. I wouldn't know what to do with myself. I have just had to jump back into my routine (somewhat-I did go a whole week without vacuuming-that never happens. I almost went crazy with all the crumbs on the floor but I kept telling myself to just let them be). And life is going really well. We are getting well adjusted and I am feeling good and discovering that I can do this and I think I can do it well.
We popped outside on afternoon for a family photo.
This is a standard position for small fry: watching baby sister very closely.
She looks so much older to me all of a sudden.
And she has a bit more attitude too.
One of the highlights of having my two girls at home: saying good bye to those stupid maternity jeans and hello to my pre-pregnancy jeans. Oh how I love you normal jeans. Thank you for still fitting even after all these months.
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  1. You're right, I can't believe how much older Allie looks all of a sudden. And what a great big sister to watch over the little one.

  2. Glad everyone is adjusting well. GOOD JOB being in the pre-prego jeans already!! Two pretty girls you have.

  3. You look great! and your kids are so cute. It is amazing how much the older kids grow up with the addition of each child.

  4. Sounds like you are doing good. I wish I could have brought you some dinner or something, but we have had the swine flu, and it has not been good. I am glad you put picturs on here so I could see the baby. I hate cold season.

  5. Congratulations on Sweet Pea! There's some beautiful genes in this family...

    Warmly, Erin from That Went


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