Nov 12, 2009

Giant Lollipop

My husband's Aunt (bless her heart) sent this: as a gift for Small fry when her baby sister was born. I am sorry but I wasn't about to let her just have the whole thing so I tried to figure out another use for it. I decided to crush the whole thing up like this:
and then sprinkle it on some sugar cookie dough slices (these were from some frozen slice and bake cookie dough I made earlier on).
then I baked them as normal and they came out like this:
They make me think of Uniqua on the Backyardagains (or Backama's Show as small fry would say). Nothing fancy I know, but it is a good way to use up candy you otherwise wouldn't think of letting your children have. Thanks Aunt Jodi. Small fry loved eating the sucker this way.
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