Nov 12, 2009

Gifts for the twins

My younger brother and his wife are expecting twin boys (identical twin boys) in about 4-5 weeks. There is no history of twins in either family so it is obviously just how Heavenly Father wanted it to be. If they are anything like my brother they will be super cute, full of mischief, and funny. Here are a few onesie sets I made for them.
1st: My maiden name is Konopelski. It is Ukrainian, nobody can say it or spell it. It keeps life interesting having a long, hard last name. So I thought this would be a fun way to display their great last name.
2nd: Gido is Ukrainian for Grandpa. Funny thing about this set. When making the first one I was careful to pin the saying on perfectly straight and then when I sewed it, it came out crooked. So the second one I purposely pinned crooked and after sewing it, I somehow managed to have it perfectly straight. Oh well.
3rd: Yep the classic tie onesie with a missionary twist. I did a post about how to make these here. I made a set for a friend and one of them I did exactly like the tutorial. The other one I ironed onto a piece of white fabric first and then sewed it to the onesie. My friend said this one held up much better and didn't stretch out of shape when getting her son dressed. So I recomend that method with iron on patches for onesies. Iron them to a piece of fabric and then sew the fabric to the onesie (if that makes any sense).
If these two go on missions and are missionaries anything at all like my brother they will do amazing things.
Looking forward to being the aunt to two rugged, handsome, sweet Konopelski boys.
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  1. What?!! I had no idea your brother and his wife were even having a baby, let along twins?!!!! Your mother must be thrilled (and your dad too)! LOVE the Konopelski onsies. Such a cute idea! You are a blogging machine. Love it. Missed it while you were gone. - Tali

  2. How cute--love the onesies.

  3. Hi! This is Jenny's sister Angela. I got your blog address from Jenny and Dan and have enjoyed seeing your many crafts! But I justed wanted to say that I love these onesies you made. Very cute! They are going to look great on our twin nephews! And congrats on your new little one! So adorable!



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