Dec 29, 2009

Christmas Morning

As most bloggers know, a successful blog is largely based on good photography (well I guess that isn't the case with all blogs but with with craft blogs and tutorials and such good photography plays a huge part in the success of what you publish). And so blogs can be deceiving sometimes because we don't have to post pictures of the batch of cookies that burned, or the sewing project that failed or the pictures of our children completely hating the new "darling" outfit we made for them. I don't think I have given off the impression that we have a perfect world here at Small Fry and Co but just in case you were thinking that everything must run as smooth as silk all the time I thought I would let you in on a behind the scenes look at what it takes to get a good Christmas morning picture.

The scene: our living room, Christmas morning. A great chance to get a picture of Small Fry and Sweet Pea together.

The Action: well see for yourself....

Not a bad start

This is not the direction we were wanting to go

Sweet pea saying "save me, save me"

Small fry "I got her" Sweet Pea, "oh no"

"I'll show you big sister who is the boss around here"

"Get back to your side"

"Finally a moment of peace. I think my arm may be dis-jointed"

"Oh dear, she's back"

And finally a usable shot.

When I take pictures of the girls I just snap as many as I can get in the minute or two small fry will sit still and hope that one will work. I usually only post the one that looks cute and sweet. Now you see what it takes to get there. Don't worry, no one was injured in the taking of these pictures.

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  1. Ha ha, so true. I try to bribe my 3 yo, but it rarely helps!!

  2. Hahahaha!! =) That's hilarious! I can only imagine what the next 18 years will be!

  3. ha ha! Love them all! I think my favorite is where Small Fry is smooshing her sister over by the face :) I have seen the same thing with mine!


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