Jan 31, 2010

Cheerleading skirt from a t-shirt

The Girls State Basketball tournament is coming up in a few weeks and small fry is as big of a fan of all the girls on daddy's basketball team as they are of her. It blows my mind that my flesh and blood gets all wild and excited when daddy asks her if she wants to go to watch basketball but it is the truth, she just seems to love it. So I have to get this years cheerleading outfit ready. This was last years.

So far I have got the skirt made for this years outfit. I made it out of an old t-shirt. It is one of those things that will look cute no matter how much time it took to make and whether or not it is perfect so I didn't spend a whole lot of time or money on it, or worry too much about perfection on the project. Here is my t-shirt.
I cut off the back side of the shirt.
And from that I cut a rectangle. I pressed this with my iron.
Because I didn't want to worry about hemming it, I sewed a couple of rows of ric rac around the bottom edge.
I also cut out our towns letters from felt and attached them with a plain stitch on my machine.
Then I folded down the top about an inch and a 1/4 and sewed around that bottom edge of that leaving a small opening. I threaded my elastic through the opening and then sewed the ends together to gather the waist. I then sewed the opening closed.

And this is what the final product looks like. My letters are a bit big but oh well-they will be easier to spot on the little green cheerleading machine. Pictures to come soon including the t-shirt to go with.
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  1. This is so cute. I can't wait to see it on her!

  2. Did you do one for Brailie?

  3. You are so awesome! I need one of those for my Ali but red & white for South Sevier. Love it!!


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