Jan 31, 2010

Love Dove Stuff

Not like I am some expert by any means on relationships or marriage counseling or anything like that but I definitely feel strongly that it is super important to keep the spark alive between husbands and wives. I have seen how crazy life can get with children and work and activities and it is so easy to just put your relationship with your spouse on the back burner. I mean heck you see each other everyday and you sleep in the same bed at night, you talk about schedules and lunch menus what more do you need.
Well I recently read about this idea in a book and thought it sounded like something that would be great to do with my husband. We are good at trying to keep little traditions between the two of us and so I thought this year it would be great to add another one.
You start by making a his and her's jar. I made mine out of formula cans (those cans-so handy for so many crafts-which they should be after you pay so darn much to purchase them). I just covered them with some scrapbook paper.

Inside you cut 52 strips of paper (1 for each week of the year) and yes I know it is February. We still decided to do 52 (we just filled ours out last night). You keep your can and give the "HIS" one to your husband. On each strip of paper you write something that you want to have the other person do for you or with you (rub your back, go for a walk, take you on a date, buy you flowers, dance in the kitchen etc etc). He does the same on his. We wrote the word BONUS on 5 strips of paper to account for the weeks we missed with Jan. Then you will swap jars. Then once a week you will each pull a strip of paper out of each others jar and will have to do whatever your spouse asked for. If it says BONUS then you will pull out another strip.
Here are the rules we set up:
-We will pull out strips on Sunday.
-We will have the whole week to accomplish the request
-You have the option to put it back and pull out another one if the paper says something you know you can't do that week (maybe it is seasonal, or you just know it will not happen. We want to be successful at this not make promises we can't keep).
-We will put the papers on our mirror in our bedroom where we can see them all week to remind us
I am looking forward to the year and fun little extra moments with my husband that we might not make time for otherwise.
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  1. That's a great idea. I like that you have all week to get your time in.

  2. Thanks for sharing such a cute idea! You amaze me with all the stuff you do! It is impressive. I think I could get a lot more done if I just didn't sit down when I got home from work that's what I do all the time. Ha ha!

  3. Love this idea. Thanks!

  4. Fabulous. Gonna try it!


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