Jan 6, 2010


Small fry asked to have a nap the last two days and today she slept on my lap for well over an hour during a meeting I had. Just wondering if anyone has heard about hell starting to freeze over somewhere or something because this has never happened before and I should probably start getting my food storage in better order.
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  1. hahaha, you are funny!
    JUST IN CASE.. Check out the button for preparedness on my blog:) I LOVE THAT PLACE!! Your girls are REALLY REALLY CUTE!

  2. Well, Hell is a city here in Michigan, and it's freezing in my neck of Michigan, so... ya never know. ;)

  3. It's currently 27 degrees in Hell, Michigan, so.. yep, freezing.


  4. As far as I know it froze over a few months ago. Guess with the time change in Utah, it just happened there.

  5. My son asks to take a nap everyday at the same time. He will be 3 the 19th.
    My daughter stopped napping at 2. Good luck. Enjoy it!

  6. She might be going through a growth spurt. They sleep more than normal when they do!

    Enjoy the quiet time!



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