Jan 6, 2010

Snowman Cans

I think I am just going to keep the snow man crafts coming for the rest of the month. I feeling snowmany I guess. Here is the latest (I know, I know, I should have gotten these done before Christmas but time just got away from me)

I used empty formula cans for mine, but any can with a lid would work.
quilt batting
buttons for eyes and mouth
orange felt for nose
old t-shirt for making the hat
ribbon for hat tie
hot glue to attach everything

1 Clean the inside of the can. Remove the label. Trim the batting the same height as the can and long enough to go all the way around. Center the buttons and carrot nose to make the face. I added blush for the cheeks as well (didn't take a picture with the blush part) Attach these with hot glue (or you could sew them on to make them more durable). I roughly stitched around the carrot nose after gluing it just because I liked the look of it.
2 Glue the piece of batting to your can. Work in small sections otherwise your glue dries before you get the batting stuck down and you have a big mess.
3 Now to make the hat cut a long rectangle piece from an old t-shirt. It doesn't have to be an old t-shirt but having the bottom hem works nice as the bottom of the hat and it was convenient for me. I didn't measure of even cut straight; just eyeballed it. The taller the rectangle the higher your hat will be. For my second snowman I made the hat a bit taller, but I actually ended up liking the shorter hat of the first snowman.
4 Again working in small sections begin gluing the bottom (hemmed) edge of the rectangle t-shirt piece to the can lid. Glue it all the way around and overlap the ends.
5 Run a small bead of glue up to the top to hold the ends together.
6 Place a small amount of stuffing inside the hat onto the can lid.
7 Tie off using a ribbon. Twine, yarn or string would look cute too.
Place the lid/hat on the can/snowman and he is finished. Completely no-sew. Done in less than 20 minutes.
Even with a cranky, "I just woke up from a nap" assistant.
Here is one with a red, taller hat and I made his face a bit closer together.
There is still time in Jan to give gifts to friends, neighbors, or at the office. Why not package them in something seasonal?
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  1. These are seriously cute! I love the texture of the batting!

  2. They are adorable- as is the cranky, "I just woke up from a nap" darling assistant you had!

  3. very cute I am going to have the kids in my 2 year old class make these for parent gifts and fill them with cookies!


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