Jan 11, 2010

Stitching Bee and my Brave Boots

I am pretty much a big chicken when it comes to anything outside my comfort zone and my comfort zone is like the size of Rhode Island compared to the rest of the United States. I have been that way my whole life. I am not good at making phone calls, stopping by someones house unannounced, joining a group that has already been formed or starting something new myself. That being said I have been going stir crazy in my own home and town. This place that I live offers nothing to stimulate the mind of a young mother. There are no classes, no community programs, there is no where for me to take my children to get out of the house and visit with other moms, no where to go to see new and creative things, no where to try something new and different and most importantly, at least I am feeling right now, no where to make some friends. Okay so I shouldn't say NO WHERE, but the choices are very limited. My solution to the problem: MOVE!! My husbands solution to the problem: start something myself. His seems much more logical, economic, reasonable etc etc (doesn't take me any closer to a Roberts Craft, or a fabric store, movie theatre, a mall, IKEA, friends, Cafe Rio, Sams Club but....) Anyway there are a couple of things that take place in my town already that a small group of women attend but the same group of women have gone together for so long that I feel so out of place trying to join in. I have tried a few times and it feels like you are missing out on a big secret or something so I don't usually keep going.
So with the encouragement of my husband and my really close friend I have decided to put on my brave boots and take matters into my own hands and try and start something myself: a stitching bee. I invited as many young moms as I could think of, ones I know and some I don't know, to come over for a couple of hours on a Friday to do a backstitching project. They bring fabric, thread, a needle and an embroidery hoop and I will provide the pattern. They don't have to know how to sew or even thread a needle to come ( I used to teach home ec and taught 17 7th graders how to thread a needle and hand stitch at the same time so I think I can handle a few moms if they don't know). I am hoping to just have an afternoon where we can just visit, stitch and eat some food. Hopefully it can be a fresh start for friendships and such. I welcomed any babies that were under a year old and told my husband he had small fry for those 2 hours. There have got to be other moms in town that feel as isolated as me. My friend assures me that moms need other moms. So I am hoping that some of the women will want to come. If it is a success then I hope to do one once a month. I guess if not very many want to come then at least I tried and maybe I won't be afraid to dust off my brave boots more often, or maybe I will pack them away for a few more months. I created the stitching pattern myself and will post that in a couple of days. Is there anyone else out there that would like to start a stitching bee where you live and we could share patterns? Let me know.
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  1. If only I lived by you I would SO attend! I live in a small town in WY and we too lack for things to do for moms & kids. Thankfully I am in charge of the focus groups at Church so I have some what of an opportunity to start groups and help others feel involved.

    Good Luck with your Stitching Bee!

  2. First of all, you are one of the bravest people I know, so this revelation that you don't think you are is news to me! I mean Heath, you have moved to numerous tiny towns in the US by yourself and made a life for yourself in all of them. That my friend, is brave. Anyway, this is an AWESOME idea and if the women that you have invited don't gobble this up and think it is the coolest thing ever and show up and enjoy themselves, then there is something hugely wrong with those people! I only wish I was there and could come. I also wish someone in my neighborhood would do something like this. I would love it. Heaven knows an afternoon of interaction with other adults/mothers would be wonderful. I guess I might have to start it. As always, you're amazing.

  3. Heather I won't be coming to this times stitching bee but I love the idea and I would love to come next time so I would say keep it up because it is a great opportunity! Way to put on your brave boots!!

  4. I am excited for you! I bet it turns out :)

  5. I totally know what you are feeling about small towns. It seems that everyone around here is with family all the time, or they already have their friends that they have had forever and have a hard time letting others join in.
    I would still love to see your patters that you come up with and maybe even join you from afar in making the project.

  6. Even though I'm not a mom, I know the feeling! I wish you great sucess with your stiching bee. I might have to try it myself, thanks for the idea!


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