Feb 17, 2010

6 Pack of Love

Valentines Day is over but I just wanted to share what I made for my husband. I found the idea here at Nap Time Journal. I actually only had a 5 pack to give him because in classic Me style, I dropped the 6 pack when I was getting it out of the car and luckily only 1 bottle broke. I think that this idea would be cute not only for V-day but for a birthday for a son, or husband too. I was trying to keep it really manly until I found my sparkly letters to use for the word "LOVE". Oh well- he did love it.

A closer look.
This was where the bag of chocolate covered cinnamon bears was supposed to go to replace the broken bottle but I have already posted about that.
The back side.
So fun. Thanks for the idea Nap Time Journal.
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  1. This was a very special treat, I kept wondering where all the cream soda was going. Thanks Heather for the awesome valentines treat. I LOVE YOU


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