Feb 16, 2010

Home Free Cookies

Was just reading the latest issue of Parents magazine which had a little blurb about Risk-Free Cookies. And I quote,
" they don't have any dairy, eggs, tree nuts or peanuts. They're also organic, cholesterol and trans-fat-free and make with whole grains. $15 for 12."
That doesn't sound like a cookie to me, sounds more like really expensive cardboard with black dots drawn on it. Thanks but no thanks www.homefreetreats.com (in case anyone wants to check them out).
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  1. LOL! I thought the same thing!

  2. I had to look at them, just to see. Even the pic on the box doesn't make them look very appealing! What do they REALLY look like! I am sure my kids, and grandbabies, would rather have nothing than these! And what good is a treat that you have to force them to eat!

  3. I have a friend who's little girl is allergic to all those things, so these cookies would actually be a treat for her! I wonder what they taste like though....

  4. We tried snickerdoodles from a similar company and they were suprisingly really good. My daughter can't eat any of those things but thats a little expensive for a treat.

  5. I have actually thought about trying these. My daughter has peanut and tree nut allergy but we can have dairy and egg so I wonder if I should just make cookies instead... I have had molasses ginger cookies from divvies (also dairy, egg, peanut and tree nut free) and they are to die for. Seriously. Soft and chewy and delicious. And expensive.


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