Feb 15, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

I was super excited to receive this blog award from Enjoy Life, Enjoy Now. I think that this woman comments on my blog more than anyone else (WHICH I LOVE) and we have never met and don't know each other except through the blogging world. So go over and check her new blog out. And thank you for the award. It always makes my day to get these little bits of recognition even if they mean nothing outside of the blogging world. I really love my blog and blogging in general and I try and keep it updated, funny, fresh and helpful so it is nice to get this as a little boost for what I do.

Part of the rules of the award is to share 7 things about myself. Since it has been a hectic weekend and we are approaching an even crazier week (state basketball for my husband's team) I might not have much else to blog about so I thought I would share at least 7 things about myself. Here goes:
1. You can find me singing songs from Dora the Explorer at anytime and in any place on any given day (it has sunk that far into my brain).
2. I think that I could get addicted to buying food for my food storage
3. I love movie theater popcorn more than any other kind in the world
4. If I get mascara on in the morning I consider myself to have put on "my makeup"
5. I am still afraid of going to the dentist. I worked up courage to go once last year and now I can't work up enough courage to go again.
6. I miss playing my guitar as much as I used to when I lived alone in the middle of no where Montana
7. I wish I knew how to use photo shop.

Random list I know. Thanks again for the award. I will try and get it passed on to some other deserving bloggers.
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1 comment:

  1. I HATE going to the dentist too. I did go and get my wisdom teeth pulled in January and it was not fun :) However it is worth going to cleanings :)

    Oh and Your WELCOME!!


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