Feb 9, 2010

A pat on the back

Wouldn't it be nice, as a mom, if just once in a while you had someone in your home to see all the little successes, the good moments, the moments you didn't lose your cool, the times that your child (or children) finally listened without plentiful reminders-someone to just say, "hey good job Mom, you are doing a really good job." You know, not your husband or someone who is there all the time, but someone that can see or hear when your child says, "Heavenly Father..." and starts the prayer all by herself after you have been helping for months, or who sees that even though you asked 5 times for your darling to sit down so you could put on her shoes and she finally has after the 7th time, you didn't get mad, you were firm but didn't get mad, or who gets to hear that she can recite half the pumpkin story all by herself after you have read it to her for the umpteenth time, who sees that she eats at least one vegetable at dinner and supper, and fruit everyday, that you are trying to limit candy intake and TV time, that you try and play ashes, ashes with as much enthusiasm as she does and that your house is not immaculate but not in shambles either and even though you don't fit into the same jeans you did when you got married you do your work out video in the morning and try and go for walks. Someone that can give you a pat on the back when you get frustrated and down on yourself because you only see your weaknesses as a mother and don't give yourself enough credit and someone that can say, "even though when you go the store it sometimes appears like you are running a circus, you really are doing a fantastic job." That would just be really nice wouldn't it. I could use that a couple days a week.
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  1. I have been feeling that same way! And just so you know people do notice. Even though I'm not in your home, when I see you other places I always think what an amazing mom you are to those little ones. Next time I see you I'll try and remember to give you a real pat on the back, because you deserve it! :)

    P.S. I've been making the paper bag books you showed a while back - they are SO much fun and turn out so adorable!!! THANKS for sharing your fun ideas!

  2. I could have used that yesterday!!

  3. I would just have to say well put! I have been feeling this way a lot lately! Not just in the fact of a mom but teaching and everything....I am one of those words of affirmation types and sometimes I just feel like I need someone to say good job or something of the sort.

  4. You're not alone! It's always so nice to hear other moms going through the same thing!

  5. Oh man, thanks for this. I needed to know someone else feels this way today!! :) I was just thinking this morning about my career days and all of the recognition and accomplishments and how I wouldn't trade any of that for what I have now being Miles' mom. But I also thought to myself that some days it seems like the most thankless job in the world! Very well-written Heather!

  6. I know I am your mother and am supposed to say nice things, but I truly absolutely and positively think you are an amazing mother. I am so well pleased with you, and in constant awe. I hear that darling child of yours doing and saying the most brilliant things when we are on the phone, and although I expected her to be smart and cute and clever, she is way more than that, and it is due to great parenting. Way to go girl - you never cease to amaze me. You are doing a great job. I love you. Mom


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