Feb 8, 2010


Forget Tobacco companies being to blame for cigarette addictions- I would to talk to someone at the M&M's factory and find out what they are putting in their peanut M&M's because I am telling you what I will get 3 out of the bag for a snack and dang it if I am not walking by the counter and opening the drawer a 3rd, 4th or 8th time for another handful. Talk about addictive.
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  1. Oh...I sooo agree with you! I cannot even have them in my house. And, do you remember the Crispy Mint M&Ms they introduced for a limited time? I am sure the gov't made them never reintroduce them...they truly had something in them! I even drove miles out of my way to find them.

  2. LOL! That is so funny. I was just telling my girlfriend the same thing about M & M's.


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