Mar 16, 2010

Follow up

I had a few pictures on my computer that I wanted to share as follow ups to earlier posts that I did. Here is the first: Small fry's Girls state Basketball Cheerleading outfit. I did a little tutorial about the skirt I made and here is the shirt I made to go with it. I just used printable iron on transfers.
Here is the back-these are the numbers of all the basketball players on daddy's team. She was pretty cute at the games.
Secondly-here is the follow up to the rainboots question. Thanks to everyone who commented giving suggestions of places to get cute rainboots. I think Target was the number one choice. I don't live any where near a Target though and when I looked online the price of the boots plus shipping was much more than I was willing to pay. So I checked E-bay and was able to score a pair for a great deal. And they were worth every penny. Small fry loves them. She wore them all day for 2 days straight even though they are a bit big. She even had to wear them at lunch and dinner. I thought we might have to put her to sleep in them but luckily she let us take them off. She is a girl after her Grandpa Sam's on heart. (Anyone who knows him knows that he wears rubber boots pretty much everyday of the months of April and May and any other day there is speck of rain.) Our puddles all dried up by the time I got the boots but we have had a bit of rain since then and she doesn't care if there are puddles or not-she is happy to wear them while watching Dora. I love it when I get it right.

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  1. Luke is in love with boots too. He got a pair of cowboy boots for Christmas and he goes and gets them and says "on..on" He always looks down to see himself walking in them too!! Small fry is such a cutie!!!

  2. Oh gosh same here. I got Josh a pair of green snow boots from the Croc store -- he wouldn't take them off. UNTIL the day I brought home a pair of green monster rainboots from Gymboree. He wears them EVERYDAY to school. When there was snow, when it's sunny and of course when it is raining. His reasoning? Snow turns into water mommy. There is mud outside which is dirt and water mommy. It's rainning. Duh.


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