Mar 21, 2010

Spring Chicks Wreath

I have not fallen off the face of the earth-I am just not cranking out the crafts nearly as fast as I would like around here. First both girls were sick with Tonsillitis. That was a handful keeping both of them happy. They have both recovered fine now. Most recently Small fry has not been having her regular afternoon naps and it is throwing me totally out of whack. Even though I can put on a video and she will watch it and I can have a few moments alone, it is not the same as when you have your children tucked in bed and the house is silent and you can just relax and breath for a few moments. She is unaffected by the nap change; I am struggling with the loss of my hour and a half completely to myself. But I wasn't consulted first. Anyway, I am slowly working on some Easter projects but my crafting time just seems to be limited these days so everything is taking so long to get completed and that is not my style at all. I am all about projects that can be done in about 20 minutes and so this is frustrating to me. I feel like I am not finishing anything and I just keep thinking of more things I want to do and that only makes me feel more behind. A vicious cycle. Thanks for listening.
Now onto my spring chicks wreath. I finally made my little chicks a nest on this spring wreath to hang on my door. The nest is made of raffia. The silk flowers remind me of apple blossoms which are one of the prettiest parts of spring I think. It is a fun welcome home sight to see. Small fry loves to point out that there is a nest of "peep peeps" living on our door.

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