May 14, 2010

Folding Change Pad with a Pocket

As promised I am back with my third installment in my folding change pad series. When you look at it-it looks just like a normal folded change pad...but wait there is a surprise inside.....(the suspense is killing you I know)
It has a pocket!!!!! Yippy (oohs and ahhs from the crowd). Just one more way I am trying to make a moms life a little easier. This change pad can be combined with the carry all version and you will be set. This pocket is the perfect place to store diaper rash cream, baby lotion and hand sanitizer. Pretty much you could eliminate the need for a diaper bag if you wanted (if that is all you carried in it, with a combination of my folded change pad styles. I could not personally eliminate my diaper bag as it is like Mr. Dress-ups tickle trunk and carrys much more than diapers and wipes but I do know of mothers who are that efficient).
Here is how to make the pocket. The actual change pad is made the same way as in my first tutorial seen
Materials Needed:
2 pieces of fabric (one for outside and one for pocket lining) 16 x 7 1/2"
1 zipper 7" long
Step 1 Start by pressing a 1/2 inch on the short sides of each piece of fabric toward the wrong side of the fabric.
Step 2 Place the pieces of fabric together wrong sides together and sandwich the zipper in between the two layers on one end.
The top side of the zipper should be facing the piece of fabric that is going to be on the outside of your pocket.
Pin the zipper in place.
Step 3 Now sew the zipper down. This is best done with a zipper foot but can be done with the regular foot on your sewing machine (you just don't get as close to the zipper). Start by unzipping the zipper part way. Start sewing at the top (do a little backstitch to secure).
Then stop and make sure your needle is down in the fabric. Lift your presser foot and zip the zipper back up to the top.
Put your presser foot back down and continue sewing down to the bottom.
Should look like this.
Repeat on the opposite side. It is a bit trickier on the second side but you will figure it out.
Step 4 Turn the pocket wrong side out. You will want to unzip the zipper part way first. Pin your sides together. Sew your side seams. I used my serger for this but you could sew a 1/4" seam and then pink off the excess material or zig zag the edge.
This is how the finished pocket looks from the inside.
Turned right side out.
Step 5 Now center it on the bottom of the change pad (on the towel side). You want it to be right in the middle. Zipper side is up.
Pin it in place.
Sew across the top edge.
Now when you are changing your baby on one of those change tables you have this convenient little pocket that will hang from the side of your change pad to store any extra bum changing items you may need.
Like these!!!
Tuck em inside...
and fold the pocket toward the towel layer...
Then fold your change pad in half as normal and then in thirds. I used a ribbon tie on this one. Like I said before this would be really handy combined with the carry all band from my first version.
You wouldn't even know it is such a handy little change pad!!! I think this one is my favorite. Make and enjoy.
Please feel free to use these tutorials-just remember and acknowledge who you got them from okay!!!!
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  1. Adorable!!! Thanks for posting all these great changing pad tutorials!! I featured them on my blog at Feel free to grab a button from my sidebar. Thanks for your crafty Inspiration.
    {} {Where you were featured}.

  2. Another GREAT changing pad!! I love the pocket!

  3. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [14 May 02:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  4. I wish I could jump through the computer and hug you. You've given me SO many great shower gift ideas in the last week. I love your change pads! I'll be linking.

  5. This is the best changing pad I've ever seen, really!! Great!! You are fantastic!! (I've found you through Thanks a lot, definitely will make one or two for my friends, maybe even myself - it's not too late, my smallest child is 1 year old.

    Agnes from Hungary

  6. Great idea!! You are so smart and your tutorial is excellent!


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