May 9, 2010

Oh to be an NBA athlete

My husband is a huge Utah Jazz basketball fan. The other night he was telling me about a player who might be coming back after being unable to play for like the last 20 some games. I asked, "what happened to him?" My husband said he was out with a strained calf muscle. SERIOUSLY??? Listen, I think I have had a strained calf muscle, a strained shoulder muscle, I have woken up more than once without feeling in my shoulder (after tackling, wrestling, lifting and swinging a toddler day after day, who wouldn't), I have had a stiff neck from falling asleep while rocking a child, I nearly twisted my ankle the other day while taking my kids for a walk when I stepped in a hole because our streets are about as smooth as a cobblestone street after an earthquake, and any women who has had a baby knows a lot about pain more serious than a strained calf muscle (try having your milk come in and hold a wiggly toddler-pain beyond words!!!) And yet we have NBA basketball players who get paid millions to sit on the bench with a strained calf or shoulder muscle. I mean put them to work in the concessions stand or something. Please guys-I think I know a few women who could give you a lesson or two in toughening up.
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  1. Absolutely!!! I love this: put them to work in the concession stands! Bwaaaahaaaa!!!

  2. hehehehehe... just imagine CHILDBIRTH... they would have to take a YEAR or TWO off!


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