May 9, 2010

Look what 15 bucks can get you...

in Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming and Washington. Have you heard of Bountiful Baskets? My neighbor and friend told me about them and said that she has gotten some from time to time when she visits her daughters and she has always been really impressed with what she has gotten. Then recently there was an article about them in our local paper so my husband and I checked out their website and found that they had a pick up site near our town (1 hour away) so we decided we would give it a try. So here is the deal-you pay $15.00 to contribute to a food co-op that buys produce that is available to restaurants and grocery stores and then on the pick up day you go and get your produce. You don't know ahead of time what you will be getting. My husband went today to pick up our first basket. SERIOUSLY people we got everything in the picture for $15.00. Talk about a steal. We got: roma tomatoes, oranges, a bag of apples, a small watermelon, 6 mangos, 6 ears of corn, a head of romaine lettuce, brociflower, spinach and 5 green peppers, oh and bananas too. This is a godsend for us in this podunk town because there is such a limited selection of produce during the winter months (well during most of the months actually) and at all times it is usually so expensive. I am just giddy about the whole thing. Even if you live in a big city this is still a deal that you can't get really any place else. They also offer bread baskets and organic baskets (if that is how you roll). You can order only when you want-there is no requirement for how often you have to order (like a movie or book club or something). Check them out. They get a major thumbs up from me.
Now if you live in my little town and you are interested in starting a Bountiful Baskets group (one where we can take turns going to get the produce, trading produce if desired, splitting baskets or large offerings) then send me an e-mail and lets set something up. I don't think we will get baskets all through the summer when we have stuff from our garden but they do offer boxes of fruit or vegetables that would be good for canning from time to time so I would want to keep my eye on those, but we could set up an e-mail list to keep tabs on who is interested and when. Spread the word!!!
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  1. How cool! Wish they were in CA. We have great produce, but it adds up quickly. Most of the produce basket type things are subscriptions and with two people only, there is no way we could really eat that much. Enjoy! And, Happy Mothers Day!

  2. My sister does this and loves it. I had no idea there was one somewhat "near" to us! Awesome.


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