May 1, 2010

Lessons From Martha

Bare with me while I get to my point: A few weeks ago my friend called me to tell me about some guy on Doctor Phil who had done a study that said that stay at home moms had an average of 30 to 40 spare hours a week or something like that. Totally stupid!! She wondered if I was watching. I was not but I wanted to see if I could find the show so I was flipping through the channels on Dish Network cause I have seen Dr. Phil on late at night occasionally. Well I kept flipping but could not find the show. HOWEVER guess what I found scheduled to come on at 2:30AM-MARTHA STEWART. My first thought was, "Martha, how could this have happened to you? 2:30am!!! Are you kidding me?" You put wacky infomercials on at 2:30 am not Martha Stewart. Needless to say I set our DVR to record every episode. Now this may be shocking to some of you, considering that I am fairly opinionated but I actually really like Martha Stewart. I am not a big fan of everything she does, and I am not so obsessed that I will do everything she says or buy anything just because it has her name on it, but the women is amazing and what I love the most is that she started with nothing just like all the rest of us and has built such a huge and amazing empire. She is really knowledgeable. Well that is my opinion anyway. So in watching her episodes I have come to learn some new cool stuff. Now sometimes I just delete the whole show-like really Martha the last time I found myself saying, "gee I wish I had a recipe for linguine with clams was um....NEVER" but other times I learn stuff like this:
Martha said she never lets tin foil touch her food. I am sure I am the last person to hear that, but I have never worried about having tin foil touch my food. I don't know why she doesn't want tin foil to touch her food but that is what she said. She suggested lining it with parchment paper first before you wrap food in it. So the other night we had tin foil dinners (the camping food of my youth) and I lined the tin foil with parchment first. And let me tell you-they turned out amazing. The food was moist, it didn't stick, it didn't burn to the bottom, it slid right out and was perfectly cooked. What a brilliant idea. So glad I watched Martha, thanks for the idea!!
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  1. That is a great idea. And I know exactly what you mean about not liking all of Martha's ideas. I saw one episode about those truffles that everyone is obsessing over--no not chocolate truffles--the mushroom type.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I never knew the tin foil thing either! Thanks!


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