Jun 3, 2010

Feeling a Little Patriotic

Warm sunny weather means that summer is on it's way and summer to me means RED, WHITE, and BLUE!! Patriotic crafts are one of my favorites to create. This year I am getting into the mood early on. Here are a couple of first summer creations.
Firecracker Welcome Sign

(stay tuned for another firecracker wood craft hopefully coming to you in week or so)

Red, White and Blue Garland
I made this by sewing strips of red, white and blue fabric together then cutting them into my triangle shape. I sewed each one to a piece of denim (cut from old blue jeans-what says America more than Red, White and Blue and jeans??) I then sewed them all to my ribbon, then cut snips all around the edge and washed and dried my garland to fray the edges. Totally American.

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  1. I love the firecracker welcome sign!!!

  2. I especially love the garland. THat is something I can hang up and then fold up real small for storage!

  3. The firecrackers are awesome!!

  4. Really cute banner! I love the unfinished edges and the great texture!

  5. And hotdogs, warm weather means hot dogs. Do a fun post with hot dogs :)

  6. LOVE this garland. I posted about it on my blog and I borrowed one of your pics. I credited it to you. If that's not ok, let me know and I'll remove the pic.

  7. That garland is awesome. Gonna get on mine right away!!


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