Aug 20, 2010

Mommy deserves some potty pennies

Yes people, this would be small fry with her first poop in her potty (you can think less of me for posting it if you want but it is a fact of life). This morning I was thinking, "I wonder how I am supposed to tell when she is ready to potty train?" Well I got my answer. Who knew today would be the day. Not me, not with daddy out of town and a trip to the park planned. But she said she wanted to try the potty and I thought, "oh gads, here we go again." We have been down this road a few times in the last couple of weeks. She pees once and then all over the house after that. But this time she just kept on peeing right in that little pot. We would do the pee dance (jump up and down hysterically), then march to dump the pee into the big toilet, then wash hands, then march back to get potty pennies, then hitchicoo's down the hall to put the pennies in her piggy bank and hitchicoo's back to the kitchen, call a relative and wait to repeat it all again. And I mean I had already promised a walk to the park so now what was I going to do? What any other mom would do-put that potty right in the stroller with us and take it to the park to and set it up right there just in case-that's what. I have up'd the treat promises, broken out the M&M's and potty danced my buns off. Then this evening she said her tummy hurt-AKA she has to poop. I knew from reading comments on other blogs this could be a beast, but I got her to do her little crouch on top of the potty and low and behold she did it. I must have said, "HOLY MOLY" after she was done because until she went to sleep she kept saying she wanted to do another holy moly. Let me just say, I am more exhausted than I have been in months. The constant vigil, the dancing, jumping, hitchicooing down the hall, keeping little pumpkin off the potty and keeping small fry wanting to try the potty- I am thinking there should be a prize basket for mommy some where so that I can pick out a little toy, sucker or some M&M's. What a day. But I am not turning back now.
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  1. That is very exciting!! Good Job Small Fry and Mommy. keep it up.

  2. Woohooo! That is so great! I love her excited expression in the pic. What a cutie.

  3. soon you will know every bathroom in town... including some you'll never want to visit again!


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