Sep 6, 2010

Bountiful Baskets Bummeramma

So we went to order our baskets tonight and didn't find our town on the list. TOTAL BUMMER. Basically what happened is they overlooked our site change request and had us ready to start next week which is during Melon Days and is totally impossible for Allisha and I. And due to truck routing there is no other way to do it so now we have to wait until Oct 2nd before we can open. It is still going to be a blessing and we are still excited but talk about a bummer for this week. If you are interested in starting a site my suggestion is to either find a site nearest to you and go and volunteer and then ask about training and getting a site started or join the bountiful baskets group on Facebook and talk to some of the people on there about getting started. Sorry to say it but the ladies at the top are just way to busy to actually be helpful until you become someone in the Bountiful Baskets world. If you don't live where they have sites already they are willing to expand all over so don't let it discourage you- I don't know what they do in those cases so that is why I would start mingling with Bountiful Baskets folk and find where they all are. For locations you can go to and check their locations tab to see where all they have sites.
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