Sep 12, 2010


I have a couple more recipes that I want to share with everyone using my new "favorite" ingredient...zucchini. I will say that in the spirit of Bob Barker who repeatedly reminded the viewing public at the end of every episode of The Price is Right to have their pets spayed of neutered-thus preventing the overpopulation of unwanted cats and dogs-I pulled up my zucchini plants weeks ago and put an end to their over production. Now I am just trying to use up the last of my pile. I have discovered two new favorites-these are even worth going out and stealing a zucchini from someone's garden if you do not have your own.
1. Pumpkin zucchini bread. Go here for the recipe. Pumpkin bread is one of my long time favorites. This has the most delicious crunchy top-even after it has been in a bag for a while. Add some chocolate chips and you are in heaven.
2. Baked chicken and zucchini. Go here for the recipe. I love this recipe because it combines a bunch of delicious flavors all in one dish. My only recommendation is if you are using large chicken breasts-to cut them in half. They take too long to bake otherwise because they are too fat and the rest of the dish is not as good. I learned that the last time I made this. This one is really good.
ENJOY!!!! Use up those zucs
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