Sep 12, 2010

Just a phase

I was reading last night in the latest issue of Parenting Magazine an article written by a mother of two sharing her top 10 bits of wisdom learned over her years as a parent. One of the things she said was that with toddlers and children everything is a phase-good or bad. That is just too true. The cute little things your kid does that one day you wonder why they don't do them any more or a new annoying habit they seem to have picked up-the thing she said to remind ourselves of over and over is, "this is just a phase." That gave me hope that perhaps small fry is just going through a:

-I won't hold still for pictures
-I don't want to say hi to anyone
-I am not going to talk to grammy on the phone
-I will not cooperate no matter how many times you ask me
-I hate getting my teeth brushed
-I want 15 million snacks but then don't really want to eat any of them
-I hate green beans
-I am plugging my ears
-if you don't get me what I want as soon as I ask I will repeat myself as many times as it takes until you get me what I want
This too shall pass, this too shall pass. As long as the sweet little songs she sings and the big hugs and running after daddy and saying, "wait you forgot to give me a big kiss" and her little giggle don't pass, I will survive.
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