Oct 19, 2010

A first in a long time

Yesterday my husband and I went for a 4-wheeler ride alone-just the two of us. Do you know how long it has been since we have done something without our kids? 9 months to be exact. Our little pumpkin has had such terrible stranger anxiety that we could not leave her alone with anyone for even a moment. It has been so hard. I never in a million years thought I would have to worry about the fact that I would want someone to hold my child and not be able to have them because she would be so hysterical. It is so confining in a way. I love my children but every parent knows that one key to healthy and successful parenting is being able to have moments away from your children. Well this was a miraculous and prayed for moment and it was wonderful. Grandma and Grandpa watched the girls in a trial run as my husband and I are planning to go on a date on Friday together for the first time in a very long long time. I worried the entire time that pumpkin was screeching but tried to enjoy our half hour alone. Blessed-that was the word for our afternoon yesterday-blessed.
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