Oct 24, 2010

Halloween Preview

A quick preview of the girls Halloween costumes. We are doing a family theme this year. The costumes are unfinished and made without patterns so they are definitely not comparable to the store bought version but my girls have the ability to make anything look cute (hopefully daddy and I can do our costumes justice as well). So here is what we have so far:

Small Fry is going as Cinderella (I love the attitude in this picture-it was a miracle I even got her to try the costume on)
Can you guess what my little pumpkin is going to be? It is in keeping with the Cinderella theme. This was just a trial run of her costume to make sure it fit.
She is going as one of the girl helper mice. You can't really see the tail on her costume in this picture. Stay tuned for the full family in costume (but don't expect anything before Halloween I have yet to begin on mine or my husbands).
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  1. They look cute--can't wait to see the finished family look. Happy Halloween!!

  2. OMG that little mouse is hilariously awesome!

  3. I love theme costumes with my kids, but now they are a little older and have their own ideas. Your girls are so cute.


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