Nov 23, 2010

Little Gifts Part 3

The third installment in my "Little Gifts" series comes from this magazine.  A little plug for the magazine first-probably one of my favorites for the holidays.  Tons of cute ideas, patterns are included, a variety of crafts and for all crafting abilities.  This issue features ideas from bloggers and other home crafters.  Maybe it will feature me some day (one can dream).
 Little gift #3 is a personalized, stylized Christmas ornament. 
I used a Christmas ornament with a matt finish and a silver Sharpie.  The magazine says to use a paint pen but the Sharpie worked fine. 
The magazine gives a bit of a pattern to attempt to follow but pretty much this is just a series of flowing, loopy lines and dots.  I had to sacrifice one of the balls as my practice one.  I am planning on using these as neighbor gifts this year. 
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1 comment:

  1. You are obviously a much better doodler than me. Those turned out fabulous!


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