Feb 18, 2011

Odds and Ends

It's Friday-I've got nothing today.  Here are a few odds and ends I have been wanting to share.
1. When I was at the thrift store the last time I saw this shirt in the kids section.  I thought it was super cute but it was like a size 6 or something-which is way to big for my kids.  Repurposing came to mind.  I tried it on my little pumpkin and it was just as I had expected-the perfect size for her-minus the sleeve length.  So I cut off part of the sleeves, made a casing, added a piece of elastic and got...
a perfect dress for this little cutie.

2. This falls under the "make your own" department.  Have you ever tried making your own detanlger for your kids hair?  I read it in a magazine once (or I read it somewhere).  After you have paid for a bottle of detangler and used it all, just add a drop of your conditioner to the bottle and fill the rest up with water.  Shake and spray.  Works great-I have been doing it for over a year now.  So simple.

3.  This also falls under the "make your own" department and is a fun project for kids to do.  Make your own drain cleaner.  Sprinkle some baking soda down your drain, pour vinegar over it, it makes a super cool fizzy foam and cleanse and deodorizes at the same time.  I had the most awful smell coming from my kitchen sink, I did this to the drain and it has totally neutralized the smell.  Fantastic and fun (now who ever thought you could say that about cleaning).

4.  I came to a realization: I feel so much better as a mother, woman and wife when I do my hair in the morning.  3 years into this motherhood thing and I finally figured this out.  I was stuck in the "I'm a busy mom and don't have time for blow drying" phase.  The fact is, when I take a minute and do my hair, put on some eye liner and a little smelly lotion I feel a million times better.  If you are stuck in the "busy mom" phase and have forgotten how to use your curling iron or blow dryer I suggest you give yourself a refresher course.

5. One more motherhood break through: I find that sometimes the best thing to do when everyone in the house seems to be out of control is to put MYSELF in time out.  I sit in my room (in front of the door because it does not lock and Small Fry can turn door knobs) and listen to the girls scream and cry on the other side and in a few moments I realize how stupid the whole scenario must look (mom hiding from her children for a moment of peace) so I take a deep breath, say a little prayer and head back into the trenches.  I apologize if it is needed and we go back to playing or screaming-usually both.

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  1. You did a great job on the shirt into a dress! Amazing! And I totally agree with you on the last one. Sometimes you just have to give yourself a break...and appologize.

  2. After I had my son I fell into the habit of not showering until my husband got home, sitting in my sweats all day cuz none of my clothes fit, and my hair a mess cuz I went to bed with it wet. I have started getting up when my husband does so I have time to take a shower in the morning while he takes care of the baby. He still asks me why i worry about it and I tell him I need to feel like a person not a blob. It's necessary to take some time for yourself no matter how many kids you have or how old they are.

  3. I can not wait to see more cards you have such a great talent

  4. My daughter hates having her hair combed but I always tell her I can cut it and then she lets me brush it!

    I feel so much better throughout the day when I do my hair and makeup! Makes me feel good....makes the day good!

  5. thanks for saying what we're all thinking and for not pretending to poop pure sunshine. I hide in the bathroom, it locks. :)


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