Feb 8, 2011

Paper Roses

 You can see paper roses all over the place on the blog circuit these days.  I thought I would try my hand at making some.  I was about to throw away all these strips of paper from a recent flooring project and then had the thought that maybe they could be made into roses. So here is what I did:
-I started with a strip of paper that was 36 x ~2" (I say about 2 inches because I didn't measure nor did I want to keep it a perfectly straight strip.  Roses don't have perfectly even edges so I didn't want my paper flowers to either).
 -To start I applied a spot of hot glue on the very end of the paper and then began to roll it semi-tight to form the flower center.
 -I kept running a bead of hot glue down the strip as I rolled making sure that I wasn't keeping the roll tight or perfectly uniform.
 -I just kept repeating the rolling process, fanning out the paper or making little tucks in the bottom to create a rose like shape.
 -Here is what they look like from the top.
 -Here is what they look like from the side.  They are not something I would want to just place in a bowl or have sitting as the bottoms are quite ugly.
 -They did pose nicely for a picture.
Stay tuned to find out how I combined these with a thrift store find to make a romantic gift.
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  1. hi just found your blog its lovely, now is this just ordinary white paper? I am now following, if you would ever like to stop by my blog I have tons of girl tutorials :)


  2. No this is not ordinary white paper. The stuff I used had a wax coating on it-kind of like freezer paper. I think tissue paper would work perfectly too. I don't know about white paper-might work. Poster paper like they use at schools would work too I think.


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