Feb 1, 2011

Scrapbook Makeover

How to turn an "ugly" scrapbook like this:
 Into something more appealing like this:
 My brother won a bunch of crafting/scrapbooking supplies in a charity auction and sent me a HUGE box of great stuff.  Some of it was really cute and some of it was like this scrapbook (a bit tacky-certainly not my style).  I wanted to use the book but also wanted to have it be something that I would really like so here is what I did.
 First I took the scrapbook apart and laid it out on a piece of fabric and cut the fabric so that it was about 3/4" bigger all around my cover (or back) of the scrapbook.
 Then I applied a thick layer of Mod Podge to the front but I left the brown edge on the side because I liked that.
 I stuck my fabric to the front and smoothed it out...
 (here is a look from the inside)
 then I put a bit more Mod Podge around the inside edge and folded the fabric over.
 I added my ribbon detail to the front and folded it around to the inside also.  I found a coordinating piece of scrapbook paper that I glued to the inside (I used both glue and double sided tape). *sorry this picture is blurry*
 Then I repeated the whole process with the other half of the cover.  I put my pages back inside and it went from Drab to Fab.
 And while I have your attention can I just put in a word for Smilebox.  I think it is my new favorite addiction.  It is like scrapbooking without all the supplies and online scrapbooking with out all the trouble.  They have TONS of layouts for scrapbook pages, newsletters, slideshows, and photobooks.  You can pick which one you like, add in your photos, change some of the page elements and then have it printed (at Sams club so you would need to have a membership there.  They do have a print at home option for $40.00 a year).  You can post your creations on your blog, or facebook or e-mail them to friends and family.  When I started playing around with it I instantly thought of a handful of people that this would be perfect for.  I love it and their stuff is super cute.  Check out some of the pages I made.
 These are from a family album I made.
 This is from a NYC trip album I made.  I went on this trip 5 years ago and have intended to scrapbook it ever since.  I found the pictures on an old USB and just went for it.  I have all the stuff in a bag too but lets get real-when am I ever going to get around to it.
Check it out and Happy Crafting.
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