Mar 17, 2011

Let the meltdowns begin- A Really Mommy Moment

We are in the stage of meltdowns and tantrums at our house.  I must say as the mother those moments feel to me like some of the loneliest times possible.  My child is kicking and screaming and is inconsolable and I feel horrible and alone.  I don't know how to help, she is beyond reasoning at the moment and I feel as though everyone in town must be able to see right through my walls at what seems like a totally chaotic and crazy home.  The thing is she can go from zero to 60 in just a matter of moments-some of which I have control over and some of which I don't.  No matter the cause I always feel like a terrible parent and then in the next moment when she is calm and hugging me I wish time would stop.  Someone please tell me she will turn out just fine and be a happy, healthy, cooperative child.  Please tell me it will get better.
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  1. It does get better!!! Thank goodness!

  2. It is a major phase of life. Totally Sucks. My almost 4 year old still has them...sometimes in the middle of walmart....sometimes in the kitchen. It will get better and you are so not alone! Just think of all the other moms that have made it through and know that you will too!

  3. I am right there with you right now! My son just turned 2 and does the same thing!

  4. It DOES get better! My daughter went through this stage when she was 3. I truly thought she would grow up to be bipolar b/c literally one minute she would be fine and the next she would be screaming and throwing the biggest fit!

    I will admit, she is a very sensitive person and she does have times when things upset her that most people wouldn't even think twice about. But that's just who she is.

    It will get better!!! :o)

  5. It will get better. My daughter went through a tantrum phase that was (thankfully) short.
    I told her that I understood that sometimes she feels yucky inside and needs to let it out, but that when she behaved that way it made other people feel yucky inside, too.
    I told her that if she could let me know when she was starting to feel that way, we would get to a place where she could scream her little heart out until she felt better.
    She looked at me shortly after that while we were in Target and said she was feeling yucky and we set off at a dead run for the car: by the time we got there she was laughing and the tantrum was totally avoided.
    I don't know if that helps, or if it even makes sense - but at the least hopefully it makes you feel less lonely.

  6. It will get better. My daughter had lots of tantrums and meltdowns. Don't know that I handled it very well, but she has grown up and she is such a wonderful person, great mom, and my dearest friend. She has done so much for me and made my life a true joy. Hang in there my dear - it will get better.

  7. Yep! It gets better! Soon your baby will be 5 and starting kindergarten and you'll wonder where the time went! I think guilt just goes along with motherhood. We always want to do better. But, there is no such thing as Super Mom and you're doing great! :)


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