Mar 28, 2011

Makeahead Monday: Grapefruit Slush

You are going to love this one people.  I happened to come into a HUGE box of grapefruits (more than one can normally eat in a month).  I had no idea what to do with all of them, but being my mothers daughter I also knew that I could not throw them out.  So when I was talking to my mom I asked her if she had any fabulous grapefruit recipes.  She said she did.  She had a recipe for a grapefruit slush that Grandma Katherine used to make.  She didn't have any measurements but this is pretty much a no brainer.
To make this you need:
-Grapefruit (lots of them because grapefruit are one of those wasteful fruits that don't provide you with many edible pieces when all is said and done).  I used about 10 per batch.
-Strawberries or raspberries.  They can be frozen or fresh.  You will want the amount to match the amount of cut grapefruit.  These need to be cut up (if you are using strawberries).
-1 can of crushed pineapple (don't drain it)
-Sugar (as much as you would like).  SIDE NOTE: the other night small fry told me that she loved me like sugar-how cute is that.
 Cut up your grapefruit.  (I have included a mini tutorial for any one who is not sure how to go about doing that).  Drain off all the juice once you are done cutting up all your pieces.  Mix all of the remaining ingredients together in a large bowl.  Pour into freezer containers and freeze until firm.  When you are ready for a slush, chop out a chunk of the frozen fruit mixture (I say chop because you literally have to chisel it out of the container).  Put it in a glass (fill about 1/2 of the glass) then pour some type of lemon lime soda pop over the top.  Stir to break up chunks and you have a DIVINE slush.  I won't let you know how many I have had in the last few weeks.  Perfectly perfect for summer.
 Now in case you are not grapefruit inclined let me show you an easy (though tedious) way to get out the edible sections of grapefruit.
 Begin by cutting off the outer peel and white pith part all the way around the grapefruit.  Leave a little bit at the top and bottom to hold it all together.
 Now using a serrated knife cut in between all the inedible skins (the ones on the sides of each segment) to remove your grapefruit sections.  Toss all your scraps.
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  1. I have a couple slush recipes that I love and one we make every December for Christmas (with bananas and pineapple juice). This one looks great! Can't wait to try it. We used to put our slush in containers and it takes forever to chop some out, so we found a couple of shortcuts that I thought I'd pass along. The first way is my favorite, but I don't usually have enough trays laying around. 1) Pour into ice cube trays. When frozen, pop out and put in ziploc bag. Then just take 3-4 cubes and put in your glass! Stores great. 2) Pour all mixture into cake pan (or 2, depending on how much you have). Freeze overnight. Next day, with a sharp knife, cut it into squares and put into ziploc bags. So much easier than trying to scoop some out of a container!

  2. I'm so glad that you like the slush receipe and are passing it on. That is great -see I told you it was wonderful.


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