Mar 10, 2011

Tablecloth Repurpose Series: Day 3 Placemats

In case any of you are thinking this whole tablecloth repurpose thing is a bit much I just want to state that I am not advocating decorating your entire home with bits and pieces of plastic tablecloths.  Obviously you won't be seeing these projects in Martha Stewart any time soon but I just want to provide a variety of ideas.  With that said today's project is Placemats.  Depending on what kind of tablecloth you get these could be perfect for a holiday dinner or to use as an outdoor set. 
To make these you will need:
18x13" piece of tablecloth (x by as many as you want to make)
Ric Rac
1. Cut your pieces of tablecloth to size. 
 2. Start at one corner, fold under the end of the Ric Rac and sew along the edge of your placemat piece with a straight stitch.
 3.  When you get to the corner fold over the Ric Rac so it will now lay along the bottom of the placemat.  Sew right to the corner, put your needle down through the placemat piece, lift the presser foot on your sewing machine and turn 90 degrees.  Put your presser foot back down and continue sewing.  Repeat at remaining corners.
 4.  This was so easy.  You could totally whip up a batch of these in the morning to use for an evening party.  If they seem to tacky for adults-they would be perfect for children.  You could even attach a little pocket on the side for utensils.
 It doesn't even look like plastic does it!!
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  1. Another good one! I love these quick projects...and you could make a ton of these out of one tablecloth so this would be super thrifty. Thanks, I'm enjoying this series:)


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