Apr 18, 2011

Make Ahead Monday-Mini Pizzas

This is such a simple idea I almost feel like it may be insulting but just in case it never crossed your brain before like it didn't cross mine for 3 years then I will put it out there.  I am always looking for easy lunch solutions both for myself and my girls and for my husband to take to work.  I have tried homemade pizza pockets before but without fail they are a failure-stuff oozing out everywhere, can't get the crust right etc.  So I wanted to make pizzas for my husbands birthday in March, that would be easy to transport to his school so the girls and I could eat with him.  It dawned on me then to just make mini pizzas instead of pockets.  They turned out perfect.  What is even more perfect is that after you bake them and they cool, you can individually wrap them and then freeze them to use for lunches later.  So simple and easy-I told you you may be insulted.
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