May 3, 2011

Creative Mom #2 from PartyCrafting.

I'm so thankful to be part of "The Unsung Creative Mom Casting Call" today.  I'm new to blogging but working on crafts and party decorations has always been a passion of mine.  So far my blog posts have been centered around party crafts but today I thought I would share with you a crafty idea on how to make a photo bookmark for yourself or to give as a gift.  If you want to check out some of my party ideas first here are a few of my recent posts at my blog Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions.  I would love input on how to make my blog better.  Thanks.

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Now for what you all have been waiting for a tutorial on how to make a great photo bookmark...

Photo Scrapbook Bookmark
Know of someone who loves reading?  A simple crafty gift to make for them would be a photo bookmark.  The ones I usually make are like this one where the top has the picture cut around it.  But you could also put photos onto the middle of the bookmark, holepunch the top, add ribbons and you would have more of an old school style of bookmark.  Either way you make it these bookmarks are sturdy enough to last for years because the center of it has a thin layer of cardboard.  So what are you waiting on go recycle that box sitting in your trash can and make something special for someone today.
Thin cardboard (Like a cereal box.  I used an eggo box)
scrapbook paper or construction paper
scissors or xacto knife
glue stick or other adhesive
scrapbook embellishments or stickers
Step 1:  Cut a piece of your cardboard the size you want your bookmark to be this will be your template.  If you want your picture to fit inside the bookmark make sure the template is wide enough.  Cut another piece of cardboard bigger than the template this will be what your bookmark will be cut from later.  If you want to have the picture stick over the top of the bookmark make sure this sheet is tall enough for the template plus the part of the picture that will stick out.
Step 2:  Glue the bigger sheet of cardboard onto your scrapbook paper or construction paper.  Then glue another sheet of paper to the other side of the cardboard.  You are going to cut this down to size later so all the layers don't have to be exactly the same sizes.  By making this wider and longer than you need now an then cutting it down later this will give you crisp edges for your final bookmark.

Step 3: Cut your photo around the person or object you want to put on the bookmark.  Put the smaller piece of cardboard (your template) on top of the one you covered in colored paper and trace around it.  Then glue your photo on the colored cardboard paper letting it go over the top edge you outlined.
Step 4: Cut the big colored cardboard paper down to the lines you traced from your template and around your picture if it goes outside those lines to make it the size of bookmark that you want.  Then add any other scrapbook elements or stickers that you want.  The back side of mine is just a solid color but you could have used a patterned paper or added some scrapbook elements or stickers to that side also if you didn't want it to be plain like mine.  Now go find a book to read so you can try out your new very awesome bookmark.
The Front
The Back
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  1. Love the little fairy...I bet kids would love to see themselves on a bookmark!

  2. Cute idea! Great suggestion, cutting it larger than you want it to make crisp edges later. So simple, yet I may not have thought of it myself!

  3. Thanks for looking everyone!!!


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