May 18, 2011

Why Hello

Well I am officially back (not organized, not unpacked, not caught up) just back.  I am came home from Canada last week but was only here for 4 days before I left with my mom for Time Out for Women in Oklahoma.
We had planned the trip long before my dad was diagnosed with cancer and were both in a great need for a Time Out so even though things were crazy it was wonderful to go.  If you have a Time Out for Women in your area I super suggest you go.  It is so fantastic and wonderful and enriching.  I learned so many new things about myself and about being a wife and mother.  It is a 2 day event sponsored by Deseret Book with speakers and music all for women.  FABULOUS!!! I hope we can do it every year (wink wink mom and hubby).  Did I mention my husband stayed home with the girls so I could go?  I haven't heard so much quiet in 3 years.  Anyway now we are all back to reality-me especially as I see all there is to do after such a long absence from home.  My husband did not at all slip back into his bachelor ways while I was gone and got a lot of his "LIST" of things to do, done, which was fantastic.  But I have been out of my pretty structured routine (which keeps me sane) for about a month, not to mention I haven't blogged a thing for that time either so I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I was usually ahead by 2 weeks on posts and now I have nothing so please bear with me as I pick up some momentum again.  And on top of getting caught up on blogging I have this in the works (my garden which I managed to plant in a hurry one afternoon on my 4 days at home)
 My new flower bed in our backyard that needs planting
 These hideous weeds (which are in too many places) that need chopping
 I have this stack of wood that I need to turn into signs for my garden (only I am holding off because when I planted said garden, I was in such a rush that I pretty much immediately forgot what  I planted where-so I have to wait to see if anything comes up and then I can figure out what signs I need to make).
And there is the little issue of this (my craft room) which has fallen into major disarray. 
 I have gotta do some major straightening up before I can make a single thing. 
My little pumpkin is sick, I am trying to focus more on enjoying little moments with my girls, trying not to stay up too late so that I can enjoy moments with my girls, I am applying for a small part time job for the summer since my husband more than likely will not have a steady summer job this year, exercising etc, etc, etc.  I am a bit overwhelmed to say the least. 
And just a brief update for anyone that might be wondering, my dad is home from the hospital for a couple of weeks.  After 3 weeks of being there they let him come home the day before my mom and I left for Oklahoma.  I think he has eaten nearly everything he could get his hands on.  He will go back in a little over a week for another round of chemo at which time they will see if he has to stay or can come home after.  He has to do these really intense rounds each time (he gets 2 rounds of chemo and then 10 days later has a really intense round for the cancer that is creeping it's way towards his brain) and for those he has to be hospitalized.  We are just glad he is home.  It felt so depressing wondering if he would ever get out of the hospital in the first place.  Having him at home is like a ray of sunshine in an otherwise hard and cloudy place.  Thanks again for everyones thoughts and prayers.
And one last thing-I seem to have lost comments somehow.  Like I had posts that had comments and now they are gone without me having done anything-has that ever happened to anyone else?  Strange. 
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  1. Glad to hear your back and that your dad is out of the hospital. The comments are gone because blogger had a glitch and it erased everyones comments on thier blogs so your not the only one. Look forward to see all the things you have planned! Hope your dad does well!

  2. Glad that you are back to blogging I really enjoy your posts. I'm even more excited for you that your Dad is out of the hospital between treatments.

    I wish blogging and crafting was my fulltime job but it is not I have two kids and a full time job I work at. It can be tricky sometimes to juggle all the things you have to/want to do. But you can do it. Don't be too hard on your self and make sure to have "me" time it's really important.


  3. Oh man, you are so overloaded! Sorry to hear about your dad, but happy to hear that you did get a few days rest with your mom. I am looking forward to seeing what new crafts/posts you come up with. I love the creative things you do!

  4. Your lucky you can post, for some reason, mine will not let me post. I am so glad that you are home, and I bet you are too. Just remember, all those to do lists, don't have to be done in one day. "They keep" That is what my grandmother always tells me.

  5. I'm so glad to hear your dad is out of the hospital, sorry to hear that Pumpkin is sick and I'm thrilled to see that someone else's crafting space looks like mine! I may even have to show my husband! The only time mine looks pretty is when I'm not using it! Lol!


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