Jun 21, 2011

Get Well Week Day 2-Dinner is on me cards.

While talking to a friend once who had just had a baby and was home recovering I was given a great bit of insight as she said, "Heather-I am so sick of lasagna."  We laughed but then I thought, "I know she has a point.  I would be sick of lasagna too if I had someone bringing one to my door every other day as a way of 'helping' me recover."  I decided I would try and be a bit more creative from now on in my dinner taking ideas.  Here is one way (in two different versions) to switch it up from the same old casserole or lasagna.

 It is a card with a gift card to a restaurant inside.  This way the family or person can get what they want, order take out, go out to eat for a change of scene or save it to use when they are feeling better.
To make this card you will need:
A piece of cardstock 5x10"
Fabric scraps for the apron
A piece of lace 12" long
A piece of ribbon 9" long
1 small piece of cardboard
2 small pieces of cardstock 4x5"
Pattern (found here)
I will show you how to make the apron and the gift card holder-the assembly is pretty straight forward after that.
For the apron:
 Cut out the apron piece, the two pieces of ribbon and the pocket piece (sorry pocket piece is not shown in the picture).
 Sew the lace around the outside edge of the apron (make tucks as you go so that the lace will lay flat).  If you don't have a sewing machine you could attach this with hot glue as well.
 Sew the ribbon piece along the top of the apron.
 Add the pocket piece and sew around the edge.
 Cut the spoon out of cardboard, attach a glue dot to the bottom and tuck in the pocket.
 Criss cross the ribbon ends as if you were going to tie it and put a glue dot in between to hold them together.  I attached the apron to the card with glue dots.
 To make the gift card holder I cut out two pieces (using the pattern) but only notched one of them. 
 I sewed around the three unnoctched sides.  I tucked my gift card inside and attached it to the card with double sided tape.

 A second idea for a gift card is using a mini folder template.
To make the gift card holder I cut a notch out of one end of the folder, then I sewed around the 3 unnotched sides.  I attached this to the card with double stick tape.
Two cute ways to help someone who is under the weather with dinner.
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