Jun 22, 2011

Get Well Week Day 3- Paper Milk Carton Caddy

I saw this on a blog Inking Idaho.  She has a template that can be purchased to make this super cute gift but I knew I could come up with a way to make something very similar but free.  This is what I did.
For this project you will need:
1 5x5 packing box.  I am not sure how they are measured but the actual size of the box when it is folded up is 5x5 (this is the exact size to fit the milk cartons from the pattern.  If you use something larger you will have to adjust all your other measurements).
4 copies of the milk carton template (I printed mine directly onto the wrong side of my cardstock to eliminate tracing and extra cutting.  NOTE: when I printed the pattern the extra little flap at the end that will hold the whole thing together did not print.  I cut one as I was cutting out my pattern.)
1 extra piece of cardboard 5x8 1/2"
1 extra piece of cardboard 5x2 1/2"
Paper and embellishments to decorate

First I printed the template onto my cardstock (in two different colors).  I cut out the pattern, scored and scored all the lines.  I assembled the cartons.

Next I disassembled the box so that it could lay flat.  I cut up from one end 4 1/2 ".  The other side will be bigger.  It can be cut down to size also to make another crate.
This is my cut piece.  I reassembled it into a box and taped the bottom closed and added some additional tape in the inside to hold down the middle.
Next I cut out my additional cardboard pieces.  I cut these from a slightly lighter weight box.
To assemble the carrier portion of the crate I folded the end of the long piece (2 1/2" wide).  I took my second piece which is also 2 1/2" wide and tape it to the bottom of the longer piece (in the opposite direction) so that is stands up like so:
When you put it in the bottom it will look something like this: (NOTE: you may need to trim it slightly to fit tight in the middle)
Before you glue it down take it out and cut out a carrying handle.  I cut a plain rectangle that I drew free hand but an oval would look cute or any shape really.  Once you have that cut you can glue the carrying handle down to the box.  I actually didn't glue mine down at all-the spray paint helped it hold but for more durability I would glue.
I then spray painted the whole thing white.  The color is totally up to you.  It needed multiple coats.  If you have a spray primer that would be helpful.
Lastly it is time to decorate.  I am leaving that part up to you.  Here is what I did:
(Everything is cardstock).  My big tag says: Friendship and Candy-just what the doctor ordered. 
The little tags say: Energy boost, pain reduce, strength to endure, candy cure.
I filled all the cartons with peanut M&M's (they totally have medicinal properties).

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  1. Adorable!! Love this idea! ~tina

  2. Love this!! And the fact that you did it for FREE is even better...great job!

  3. oh my goodness can I tell you how excited I am for all the get well goodness on your blog. i'm always trying to think of cute little things to do for ill friends. This is such a cute idea, i can't wait to try it!

  4. What a really neat idea!


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