Aug 8, 2011

Make Ahead Monday-Puffed French Toast

Thanks once again to my great friends (they are my friends even though they don't know it-they are saving me in the kitchen right now) over at Our Best Bites you can make your own french toast sticks and stop buying the super expensive and probably loaded with tons of preservatives, version at the grocery store.  These are fried-but if you make them with whole wheat bread it counteracts the not so healthy frying (I am sure that is what any health professional would tell you right???? :)  The recipe makes a ton (and by ton I mean at least 1 whole loaf of bread-two depending on the size).  Make sure you use thick slices of bread too.  For french toast sticks just cut your bread in strips first, then batter and fry.  Lay these out on a parchment lined cookie sheet and place in the freezer to individually freeze, then bag em up and store.  To reheat just pop as many as you need in the microwave.  You can finish them off in a toaster oven if you want a bit of crunch.  YUMMY, YUMMY. 
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  1. Aren't those Best Bite's girls awesome? I have the cookbook too and this is now my go to french toast recipe! Yum!


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