Aug 30, 2011

My mom in a bottle

I finally did it; I have successfully reproduced the one thing I love most that my mom has made: her pickles.  These aren't ordinary pickles.  These are the kind you make in a pickling crock that take at least 3 weeks to make.  They are time consuming and you kind of have to babysit them and they are the best darn things in the whole world.  My mom made them all my growing up years and I never had any interest in how to do it myself but I just knew that she could never stop making them.  But she did and I was sure that I would never taste one again.  Now after 3 years in a row I have finally captured a bit of my mom in a jar.  The taste takes me back to her canning kitchen every time.  They make me think of her and I am so grateful I can pass on the tradition to my kids and say, "Here have one of these.  They are the signature of Grammy."  I never thought I would want to do anything just like my mom did when I was a teenager, but now I find myself praying more and more that I can figure out some of her tricks and talents and get as much information out of her as I can while I still have her.  At least now I have figured out a way to bottle a bit of my mom and keep her on my shelf.
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  1. wow, those look good. Is it a family secret or can you share how you make those? Are those pickled carrots in the top?

  2. I know how you feel with this one. When I a was about 8 or so I noticed that all the big cousins got a jar of pickles from my grandma for Christmas. So the next year I asked her for my own jar. HEAVEN ON EARTH! That very next year she moved to an apartment and stopped canning. :( To be honest, I can't remember the taste, but I do remember that I was lucky enough to get one jar.

  3. I am so pleased that you got it to work, and actually got them in jars. I am trying again, I got my crock going. Now we just have to wait and see if they work. I hate it when they fail.
    I was thinking about how you had to have a sample every time I took the top off, and you seemed to smell they no matter where you were in the house. I hope someone here appreciates them as much, but I doubt it. I'll have to write up the history of my pickles on my blog someday. I was thinking also how you and Tovah admitted that you had helped yourselves to tastes when I was out in the garden. That really suprised me. I love you dear, and I appreciate that you want to keep the pickle tradition alive. Love, Mom

  4. Laralee, the recipe is not a family secret but it is time consuming because you have to put the pickles in a crock and let them ferment. They are so yummy that it is worth it. And yes those are dilled carrots and cauliflower too. I will send you instructions if you like.

  5. Sure. Sounds great. Good pickles are hard to come by.


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