Sep 26, 2011

Make Ahead Monday-Ice Cream

You are going to thank me big time for sharing this one with you.   I am not the genius behind this, Eagle Brand I believe is the company to thank.  Actually Our Best Bites is who I owe all my thanks to for sharing this divine recipe.
You are going to have to take my word for it because I didn't believe this would work, but this is the best ice cream ever and it is so stinkin easy-like, "I am never going to buy ice cream from the store again" easy. 
3 ingredients people: cream, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla.  That is it, a little whipping of the cream, some folding and freezing and you have heaven on earth in a bowl.  I happened to be given a gallon of whipping cream from the food bank and I have made two double batches so far and have enough for one more.  I made plain vanilla and today I made cookies and cream.  I had to wait until the kids were in the bathtub so I could sneak a bowl without having to share.  I am just warning you that should you make this your waist size might expand and your ability to resist diminish rapidly.  Don't say I didn't warn you.
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